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Heirloom Tomato Seedlings

This is my 21st year in business and it is pretty amazing how quickly the time has gone. I am also amazed and gratified to see the interest in heirloom and open pollinated varieties of vegetables, including tomatoes and how it has grown over all these all years. When I began selling my heirloom tomatoes at farmers markets many years ago, people swerved to avoid the strange looking green, purple, black, white, orange and yellow fruit, assuming there was something terribly wrong with what I was doing. But then they tasted them. And they came back.  And heirlooms began popping up in restaurants and glossy magazine spreads. They had arrived. Or perhaps returned.


Now is a particularly great time to be a tomato aficionado. So much effort has gone into bringing older varieties into the spotlight and tomato breeders are working like crazy to bring us the very interesting striped, crazy coloured and interesting shaped “artisan” open pollinated tomatoes. There is such amazing diversity in tomatoes. It is an interesting world to be in.


After looking through my 2017 yearbook from Seed Savers Exchange though, I know it is not a time to get lax in seed saving and sharing efforts. I think because I am older and I have been growing and saving seed for a long time, I worry. I realize I have varieties of tomatoes, and other vegetables that I have saved for years that don’t appear to be available from other sources. I have received correspondence from other seed savers asking me if I can take over a portion of their seed collection and keep it going. 

This, I think, is the challenge of the seed saving movement. Who will carry on these varieties? To whom will seed savers pass the torch? 

 Please, if you can, save seed and share seed.

 Many of my endangered varieties are available when I sell my seedlings and seeds.

This year again I am growing thousands of tomato seedlings and hundreds of varieties. This listing contains some amazing varieties, some more common heirlooms, some little known, and some of the interesting new open pollinated varieties. Every year I try lots of new ones and there are some very special ones I’d like to share with you from my trials last year. People always ask me “what is your favourite tomato?” Well….this is them.

Please check my “Tree and Twig” Facebook page for pictures of some of these wonderful tomatoes.

(...and other good ones too!)

NEW: 2018 Tomato Seedling Pre-Orders

There are some interesting newer tomatoes on my listing again this year, not all heirlooms, but all open pollinated, allowing you to save seeds and have the resulting fruits grow "true to type." They are all fabulous, spectacular in taste and appearance.

But of course, if you need more than 100 to choose from, please come to the farm. Much of my very large collection will be available here only. It is a lovely drive to Wellandport.

My TOMATO DAYS Sale will be held on the Victoria Day weekend, May 19,20,21 2018. Come on out between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on all three days. But you can still purchase after that...I will still be selling as long as I have plants, usually well into June. If you want to avoid the crowds and spend a bit of time chatting, please come out after my weekend sale. I always have lots of plants.

 (Feeling lost? GPS address: 74038 Creek Rd Wainfleet)

Plants that were overwhelmingly popular and sold out last year will be in good supply this year because I am planting extras so everyone can get their favourites.

Thanks to everyone for your tremendous support on these days — it has been wonderful. Tell your friends!