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2018 CSA & Vegetable Sales

Extra produce may be available, please call and ask. My hours during the growing season are Monday through Saturday, 10-4pm., but you are advised to call ahead to make sure. I am closed on Sundays for a little break.

2018 CSA and Farm Shares




Welcome to my 2018 season. 

I am downsizing my CSA this year, and in all liklihood will not have any new spots opening up. Please check back to see if something becomes available.

I love growing vegetables and I love growing different things every year. I am totally committed to the value of diversity in our food system. I save seed, share seed, educate others and support seed saving organizations world wide. When you support me, you support my work beyond the field, and for this, I thank-you.

CSA stands for Community Supported or Shared Agriculture. This system of marketing links local growers and consumers who want fresh, healthy and typically organic produce.

But please understand the concept of a CSA. You have to buy into the fact that you are not simply purchasing vegetables. When you become a member of a CSA you are committing to a season long agreement, which sees the farmer growing food for you. In a CSA, shareholders buy into the farm in such a way that the risks and rewards of farming are shared by the farmer and the community shareholders as well. In a good growing season, there is lots of food and in a poor one, not as much. 

Having said that though, mitigating this risk has always been important to me and I strive to bring good value to your share. I try to minimize risk by growing a huge diversity of crops and also by making good use of three passive energy hoophouses.

In return for your payment, you share the harvest and become part of a farm community. This year I ask my members to truly participate as shareholders. Play a role here on the farm by coming out to events I organize for you, get in shape by helping out, or commit to writing posts for my blog, including your favourite recipes. All this helps you feel a part of my small farm, makes you more involved with your food and helps you understand what I do here by connecting more with me.

I save seed, purchase seed and supplies, and work very hard with simple tools to bring you the best organic produce I can grow. 

 I grow "veganically", as well as organically. I do not use any animal products on my seedlings or in my fields. This means no manures, fish products or other animal "byproducts" such as bone or blood meal. I believe this is the most compassionate, earth-friendly as well as safest way to grow and it fits in with my values and lifestyle.

All my produce is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and in a sustainable manner. I have never used any form of chemical inputs on my crops since I began growing produce to sell in 1997, but was committed to this long before growing for others.

Am I organic? You bet. Am I certified organic? NO. Nor am I certified or verified to be anything else. If you buy from stores this may be important to you. I sell directly to you though and you are welcome to talk to me and come visit to learn about what I do. I believe in the words of farmer Joel Salatin that "you can't regulate integrity." Know your farmer!

My growing practices include the use of cover crops, natural amendments, crop rotations and other practices to improve soil and plant health. Growing organically is more labour intensive than conventional chemical farming. I use organic seed, untreated seed and also use much of my own seed that I have saved year after year.

I will offer delivery into Fonthill and St. Catharines. If it is more convenient for you to pick up your share here, let's arrange that.

Deliveries are Tuesday afternoons to a TBA convenient location in Fonthill or St Catharines by 3 pm. Please note-if you go on vacation during the season, remember your veggies are still committed to you. Please ask a family member or friend to pick them up and enjoy them, or I can arrange for them to be donated in your name to a good cause.

Please indicate your interest early as limited spots will fill up quickly and many customers return year after year.


Your share includes a weekly share which is the equivalent of a peck of heirloom organic vegetables, DELIVERY and a weekly blogpost with recipes and possibly on-farm events just for shareholders. Shares generally contain a minimum of eight different items, but in high season this can be much, much more. Shares are appropriate for couples or small families and only come in one size.


I grow pretty much every vegetable you can imagine...and then some. There will be items in your basket that may be new to you and in 2017, I am trying some very interesting new crops. My goal is to show you how wonderful vegetables can be and to keep your taste buds happy. I love vegetables and want you to as well!

The 2018 season will be 16 weeks long and cost $500.00. This cost includes delivery into town. If you pick up here at the farm your share will include extras to compensate.

PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR 2018 UNTIL YOU SHARE IS CONFIRMED-IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL TO INDICATE THIS. First come first served. Once your involvement is confirmed an initial payment is required to hold your spot. More details will be emailed to you at that time.



Please pay for the full season(s) in advance, or payments spaced out over the season. Cash, cheques or etransfer is preferred.

Produce is always available at the farm. Please call in advance, if possible, to place your order.

Click here to contact me about joining my CSA or buying vegetables. Please be sure to let me know your season choice and any vegetable likes and dislikes.

Thank you most sincerely for supporting a small farmer.